In the past few years, I had the distinct opportunity and great pleasure to travel globally as a paid international speaker and women’s leadership expert interacting with 1000s of women annually. I get to see new places, meet amazing people, be exposed to amazing cultures and food, and putting in some rest and relaxation in the mix while I get to do what I have been called by God to do.

You may have gone very far in life.  Successful in your career, you have a traditional role, but you are now ready to use your story, your voice, and your influence to empower, motivate, inspire and impact the lives of others.  You are ready to become a masterful speaker to build your legacy.

A part of that missing piece is the fact that they had been having an impact in their little corner of the world, but had a greater desire to travel globally, create their unique expert positioning and be known in their market, and also take on meaningful speaking engagements that would move them from local to global so that they too can travel and enjoy the world while doing what they have been destined to do.

Many women have reached out to me wanting to know how I have been able to go from being literally unknown to becoming a paid and in-demand speaker having traveled extensively throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean multiple times, reaching thousands in persons, hundreds of thousands of others in other nations through international televised broadcasts on two major Christian TV Networks.

And that is why I am excited to announce the Speaker Mentorship Program for women who are driven and focused and are ready to deepen their leadership skills by developing their global speaking platform to leave a lasting legacy.

This is for you if:

  • You have a deep desire to serve clients internationally by being more visible and marketing your unique expertise to the right international clients
  • You are ready to have a global impact but need the right motivation, guidance and support on how to craft your unique message to attract more speaking engagements
  • You need to be clear about your “expert positioning” so that you know exactly what your area of focus is so that you can network and market yourself to the right clients
  • You are highly motivated and is ready to take the necessary action steps to take you to the next level of your business
  • You desire to build an international speaking platform and stand out from other the overcrowded market space
  • You need to know how to book paid international speaking engagements that gives you the opportunity to reach the clients you desire to serve

In this Speaker Mentorship Program, I will share with you all that I have done and continue to do to set me apart in my field and keeps me in demand. I will share with you all that I know about how you can develop your “authority topic” which will set you apart as an expert in your field.

I will guide you in crafting your signature introduction, build your global platform, show up confidently for your talks, dressing to WOW your audience and standing fully confident in your power to give your talks.

I will also share with you how I went from being relatively “unknown” to having a full speaking calendar for years in a row and secure bookings for at least two years in advance.

Essentially, I will be sharing with you all the techniques and strategies that continue to work for me as an “in-demand” global speaker so that you can begin to create the life you want and expand your reach and territory.

This 12-week program is designed for women entrepreneurs, who are already visible in their field, but have a deep desire to take things to the next level by going from local to global and need the guidance and support to enter the global market focused and confident on their unique expert positioning.


Week 1: Finding Your Voice as a Speaker. Where do I begin? How to become a public or international speaker?

Week 2: Finding your inner theme and unique focus for Global Expert Positioning

Week 3: Mastering Your Core Message by selecting your “Hook Story”.

Week 4: Developing your Speaker Sheet and Signature Introduction for on and off networking

Week 5: Crafting your signature email to forge strategic business partnerships

Week 6: Using social media to leverage your global positioning

Week 7: How to be featured in the Media for global recognition

Week 8: Sticking to your core message and Global Expert Positioning for in-demand services

Week 9: How to spread your message to the world. Accessing global opportunities for speaking engagements.

Week 10: How to show up in your WOW presence for every talk

Week 11: Developing your speaking reel

Week 12: Charging for your speaking engagements

If this program is an answer to your prayers and sounds like exactly all that you have been looking for, I invite you to enroll in the Speaker Mentorship Program where I will help you build your unique positioning that will make you stand out as an expert in your field, book the right international clients, and show up at your presentations in your full power.

The introductory price of the program is $2500, but it will sell at a later time for $5000.  If that woman is you, contact me immediately to secure your spot!