Speaker Mentorship Program—Corporate

Billionaire Warren Buffet actually shares that developing the skill of public speaking will boost your career value by 50%.

That is why I am so excited to take my Speaker Mentorship & Coaching program to winning companies who desire to have their women employees stand out as amazing public speakers that not only increase the personal value, but increases the value of the company as well.

Goals of the Speaker Mentorship Program

To empower individuals and teams to craft and deliver presentations that will elevate their careers, companies, and lives by ensuring that they are:

  • Clear about their message and messaging (Knowledge base in check-Ethos)
  • Deliver the message in a way that is clear, concise and confident (Presented in a logical manner that is understood by their audience-Logos)
  • Able to connect emotionally with the audience by ensuring that their message and story connects with the stories of the listening audience –Pathos)

Unique Features of the Speaker Mentorship Program

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Personalized feedback in-person and virtually
  • Intentional mentorship, guidance and motivation
  • Mentorship and Coaching tailored individual needs of each client (no two clients are the same)
  • Help clients develop a WOW presence (Body—physical attire, Mind—confidence in message and in themselves, Spirit—alignment to the work that they are doing)

Outcomes of the Speaker Mentorship Program

  • Be able to coach and mentor teams
  • Develop exceptional skills in the areas of consensus-building, motivation, and diplomacy
  • Develop excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Build stories and messages around key products of services of the company
  • Make clear and concise presentations confidently to executive leaders, senior management, external organizations customers, and clients

Ideal Client for the Speaker Mentorship Program

This program is designed specifically for companies that have a desire for their women leaders to go to another level in their leadership by developing better public speaking skills, thereby bringing greater personal and professional value to the company because of their Masterful Speaking.

Format of the Speaker Mentorship Program

This is a 12-week Coaching & Mentorship relationship with the option for additional support and feedback upon completion of the contracted period.

  • VIP 1:1 Coaching

The SMP offers a VIP Signature 1:1 coaching experience designed to work with women leaders individually by focusing on helping them to develop, deepen or refine their public speaking skills. We will work to ensure that each woman has the confidence level, passion, personality, creativity, interpersonal skills, expression, sense of humor, ability to be simple, clear and concise, comfortable in crafting and sharing stories, and dressing to impress, as key aspects of their public persona as Masterful Speakers.

  • Group Coaching

The SMP offers a group service experience (preferably with small groups of 1-7 women). The process of the VIP Signature 1:1 will be covered in the group sessions and a limited number of 1:1 sessions will be held in during the contracted period with individual clients that focuses on providing intentional support and mentorship in the areas that they need to develop or deepen.


I was looking for a dynamic, spiritual and powerful woman to be the main speaker for our Women’s Ministry Retreat. She needed to be able to work with our theme and empower the women to be faithful and courageous. I had set out objectives that I asked Dr. Collins to be guided by. Her presentations were exactly what I had prayed for and more!

Nadine made each presentation meaningful to the women while realizing the key objectives. She paid close attention to detail and is clear and thoughtful in her presentations. She is professional, reliable, approachable and has a wealth of inspiration and knowledge which made it easy to work with her, but more so, easy to inspire, impact and influence women. In the end, all evaluation reports came back overwhelmingly positive because of the work that she did.

Beulah Plunkett
Director, Lecturer North England Conference

Nadine doesn't only present relevant information, but it is also obvious that she has personalized it. This is evident in her speaking and writing. She is passionate about prayer and relentless in engaging others in discovering, exploring, and experiencing its amazing benefits. Totally blessed by her ministry!! –

Dr. Jennifer E. Patterson


Nadine Collins holds a PhD in Education with an emphasis in Administration in Higher Education and a Doctoral Dissertation emphasis on women leaders in Higher Education Institutions; a Masters degree in Educational Psychology, and an undergrad degree in Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis in Psychology.

Nadine travels extensively as a paid international speaker throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean multiple times, inspiring and empowering women in person, via her international televised broadcasts on two major Christian TV Networks and other TV and Radio programs, as well as through Social Media, by faithfully combining proven strategies from the field of psychology about how our minds work with Spiritual truths so that they can uncover their true purpose and create successful, impactful and fulfilling lives.

Nadine believes that every woman is powerful especially when she discovers the power of her own voice by becoming a Masterful Speaker. That is why she mentors and coaches women (some who have never taken to the stage), to develop their speaking platforms, find clarity and develop confidence so that they can elevate their careers, add value to their companies, and impact the world.


Email: nadine@nadinecollins.com

or 817 719 3099 (office) 269 340 4585 (cell)