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About The Author

Dr. Nadine Collins is an International Speaker, Women’s Leadership Expert, Spiritual Wellness Coach, Prayer Counselor and Author.

She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Administration but has dedicated herself to full time ministry and travels globally empowering the prayer lives of others as a leading expert on the topic of “prayer”.

She was a guest on an international Christian TV station 3ABN Dare-to-Dream Urban Report ‘How To Pray’, which led to a new (13-part) program on prayer called ‘The Missing Peace’. She also has a series on Blessings that is headlined on Hope Channel in Kenya, another international Christian TV station. 

Nadine launched the very first Online Prayer Training program—Certified Prayer Counselor class with the goal of equipping others in learning how to connect more meaningfully with God and to learn how to get more YES answers from Him by using proven Biblical strategies and tools so that they in turn can empower others to do the same.

She is also the founder of the Spiritual Wellness Coaching movement, a signature mentoring and private coaching program that empowers Christian women to break through indoctrinations, step out in faith, wake up to realize their true purpose and God-given potential, and make their unique impact on the world by living their life now.

Nadine is the author of five books, including ‘Make Your Prayer Life Go WOW’, Secrets of the WOW Praying Woman and WOW Prayer Battle Plan for Spiritual Warfare, and is getting ready to launch a few more books in the WOW Prayer Series this year; including WOW Prayers for Your Spouse.


Dr. Nadine Collins
Founder of
The WOW Life Method

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